Boscombe Cadet receives Young Persons Certificate of Commendation

Boscombe Cadet Jack was last night presented with a RLSS Young Persons Certificate of Commendation for performing a rescue in which he towed a young girl who was stuck under an inflatable to the safety of the pool side.

His certificate was presented by RLSS UK President Ian Hutchings, who said in most case where a person gets in to difficulty it is the persons nearest that start the rescue and having the training to identify what was going on and react is crucial.

Boscombe Lifeguard Cadet Trainer James said “It is fantastic to hear of Jacks rescue several weeks ago, as it one again shows how the work that our young members put in to learning the skills can make a difference and save a life. As well as demonstrating to other Young Lifesavers that you don’t need to be a Grown Up or a Lifeguard to save someone, just have the training to be a Lifesaver/Rookie Lifeguard to save a life and stay safe.”

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